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Stated in-game.


The pub is a place in the game where players can take on a variety of bounties. There are five permanent bounty bosses that the player can take on at any time the bounty boss raid is active, and then there are special event bounty bosses that are only available during certain periods.

In addition to the bounties, the pub also acts a chat room, allowing players to talk with each other. At the bottom of the Pub screen, there is a button named "Hop" that allows you to join different Pub rooms. There are up to 9999 Pub rooms. The Pub is a good place for players to get to know each other, learn new information and tricks, and to gain new friends to help you with future bounty raids.

While Bounty Battles are 'ACTIVE', Medal rankings can also be viewed.

About Bounty BattlesEdit

See also: Raids

Starting at Rank 5, players can join Bounty Battles. They can battle together with up to 3 other people in real time.

Choose a Bounty boss from the board in the pub, gather allies, and work together to beat a powerful enemy. Defeat a boss for medals that can be redeemed at the Medal Shop.

There are five times during the day when bounties can be hosted. Each window lasts for one hour. If players are in the middle of a battle when the time frame ends, they will not be kicked from it and will be allowed to finish their battle.

Bounty Schedule (All times are PDT/PST)
07:00 am - 09:00 am
12:00 pm - 2:00 pm
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
10:00 pm - 12:00 am
Bounty Bosses Rewards
Terror of the Forest Orc Chief 50 Medals
Flames of Cleansing Wyvern 100 Medals
Reaper of the Void Telos 120 Medals
War Hero of the Wilds Odin 130 Medals
Master of the Great Abyss Figmund 170 Medals

Joining a Bounty BattleEdit

From the Bounty List, players can use a Bounty Ticket to host other Bounty participants or participate in another host's Bounty. Only the host uses a Bounty Ticket, the other participants do not.

Six Bounty Tickets can be received twice daily at 4:00 am and 4:00 pm by entering the Pub.

Unclaimed and unused tickets will not carry over into the next day.

Sphere ChainsEdit

Red Faced Ruffian - Max Chain

Max Chain possible.

During Bounty battles, a Chain Chance will happen once every several turns. Usually, it occurs every other turn starting from the second turn. During raid events, it is much less likely to stick to this pattern.

Using Spheres marked 'Chain Chance' will cause a Sphere Chain to occur. Connect 3 Chains or more and a Sphere Surge bonus attack will occur.

Sphere Surges can become more powerful depending on the number of Chains and damage done by each Chain.

Bounty TalkEdit

During Bounty battles, you can leave small messages to interact with other players.

During a Bounty battle, tap on the button at the top right of the screen and the messages list will appear. Tap on a message for it to appear to other players in your battle.

There are Fixed and Free messages. Free messages can be edited from the Bounty List or the Menu.

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