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Quest List

Quests are adventures that will appear as you continue the story. Use AP to select an accessible area on your map (1 AP is restored every 6 minutes). The leader of another player's main party may be used as a Supporter to aid you in a quest. There are three kinds of quests in Grand Sphere: Event Quests, Daily Quests and Limited Quests.

Event QuestsEdit

Event Quests are special quests restricted by certain conditions. This includes Daily Quests, Limited Quests, specially-themed Events, and so on. Access different events by tapping the 'EVENT' button on the top right of the quest map.

Daily QuestsEdit

Daily Quests are special quests that change based on the day of the week. Quests change everyday at 12:00 am PDT/PST. Special quests to receive attribute-based Evolution material units are held every Sunday through Thursday. Special quests to receive large amounts of Luna are held every Friday and Saturday.

Day Quest
Sunday The Mana Spring (Light)
Monday The Mana Spring (Dark)
Tuesday The Mana Spring (Fire)
Wednesday The Mana Spring (Water)
Thursday The Mana Spring (Earth)
Friday & Saturday Diggin' for Gold

Limited QuestsEdit

Players may obtain Enhancers from special Limited Quests, such as 'Flight of Fairies'. One Uncharted Map may be used to unlock Limited Quests for a period of one hour. Uncharted Maps can be obtained from Login Bonuses, Quest Clear Rewards and Event Rewards.

Quest BattlesEdit

Battles are turn-basd. Players can swipe unit panels up, down, left, or right to set Spheres and use skills to fight. Tap 'BATTLE' to begin the battle. 1 to 4 Spheres will appear each turn. Check the effects of each Sphere by tapping on 'Menu' then 'Sphere Effects' on the top left of the battle screen.

Calling a SummonEdit

Summon List

Players may call a summon after it has become part of their team. A summon's Burst Gauge must be filled with BP (Burst Points) to be called. The Burst Gauge can hold a total of 15 BP. Use 1 Sphere to gain 1 BP. The amount of BP necessary to call a summon depends on its Rank. Summons can deliver an attack with power proportional to the total ATK of a player's party.

Quest ResultsEdit

Units gain EXP from defeating monsters during quests. Earn a specified amount of EXP and your Rank will raise as well. Maximum AP, party cost requirement, and the number of friends a player can have will increase as their Rank rises.


Supporters can be chosen right before you start a quest. A Supporter's party leader can assist you in battle.

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