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"Units are warriors that fight for players in Quests and battles. Players acquire units mainly through Scouting." (In Game Help Guide).


The units can have a job such as Assassin, Archer, Mage, Gunner or Warrior. 1★ and 2★ units have only skill, 3★ units can have ability and also skill, 4★-7★ have Skill and Ability. Platinum units have Skill, Ability and Grand Ability.

Skill Edit

To active the skill of the unit you need to fill the bar of skill, and when it flashes, you can active it.

Ability Edit

The ability always is active, unless they have conditions to active it. The abilities are cumulative, with this you can have a team focused in ATK, DEF or whatever you need in the moment.

Grand Ability Edit

Only platinum units have it, the Grand Ability isn´t always active like Ability. it has a chance to active every turn, it will be active when the character's picture approaches, the character will speak, and the name of the Grand Ability is shown.


Raise your unit's level with Enhance. Strengthen a base unit by fusing it with material units (Enhancers). Raise skill level by using a 'Grimoire' or Enhancers that are the same unit as your base.

Luna is necessary to Enhance. Enhancers will disappear after they have been used.

Fairies Edit

Using Fairies of a higher rarity on a unit would grant more experience during Enhancement. Pairing the units and fairies with the same elements will yield a bonus in experience.

Fairy Experience

(different element)


(matching element)

3★ 5000 6000
4★ 16000 19200
5★ 51000 61200
6★ 260000 312000

Obtain Edit

1) The Mana Spring
2) Mana eggs can be bought by dire souls at the Medal Shop.
3) As a quest reward in questing events.
4) Sometimes at event shop by special material you receive from bounty events.

Grimoires Edit

Using Grimoires of a higher rarity on a unit would grant a higher chance of success in Skill Enhancement.

Grimoire Skill

lvl 1->2


lvl 2->3


lvl 3->4


lvl 4->5

3★ 50 % 10 % 2.5 % 0.5 %
4★ 100 % 40 % 10 % 2 %
5★ 100 % 100% 35% 7%
6★ 100% 100% 70% 14%

Note: Element doesn't provide any success bonus to skill enhancement.

Evo BreakingEdit

Evo Breaking

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